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Parkers Skip Hire Ltd

Parkers Skip Hire Ltd

5 Wendover Road, Rackheath Industrial Estate, Norwich, NR13 6LH, United Kingdom

Building & Construction - Waste Management

Tel 01603 721 533

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About Parkers Skip Hire Ltd

We supply more than 1000 skips across Norfolk and Suffolk with 14 lorries dedicated to delivery and collecting. All waste is processed at our Rackheath headquarters with 87% recycled - thanks to our sophisticated Material Recycling Facility (MRF). We receive and recycle 75,000 tonnes of waste annually.

Founded in 1985, Parkers Skip Hire is a family owned and run business which operates a modern fleet of vehicles run in conjunction with a Material Recycling Facility (MRF) at our head office on the Rackheath Industrial Estate.

We receive, process and recycle 75,000 tons of waste annually using a fleet of vehicles which include skip, rolonof and tipper lorries plus artic bulker lorries. We have invested heavily in our MRF which allows the recycling of materials such as aggregates, soils, wood, green waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, cardboards and plasterboard.

The Parkers fleet distribute skips throughout Norfolk & Suffolk.

Skip Sizes Available

4 yard midi skips with drop doors
8 yard builders skips with drop doors
10,12,14,16 yard skips suitable for bulky lightweight rubbish
12 yard enclosed skips
20- 40 cubic yard rolonof containers
We also provide street permits for the sighting of skips on the highway.

We are licensed Waste Carriers to transport asbestos and provide all the necessary environmental consignment notes.

Working with county and district councils, we receive large quantities of municipal and street sweeping waste. We also work closely with large waste management companies to receive and divert from landfill certain waste streams.

ur Waste Management Permit enables us to receive and process 75,000 tons of waste annually.

All skip waste is returned to our site and initially goes through a pre-sort with 360 grab machines.

The material that remains is then fed into a 3 metre 60 ton Trommel, which has a two way split segregating 30ml and 30 - 130ml material. The large oversized material continues up a belt where the unwanted paper, plastic, wood and textiles are removed by air knives. An over-band magnet removes all the ferrous metals.

The 30 – 130ml material still heavily contaminated with metal, plastic, wood and textiles is then fed into a pan-feeder it discharges the material onto a belt this passes under an over-band magnet which removes all the metals. The material then proceeds via the belt onto a vibrating deck which agitates the lightweight unwanted contaminates. These are removed from the waste stream by a suction process, which works on the same principle as an over-band magnet removing all the contaminants.

The clean 30 - 130 ml aggregates now drops onto a picking line for a final check before the clean saleable aggregates drops into a holding bay.

Wood Recycling

All wood removed from waste stream by the initial pre-sort and picking lines is fed into a primary slow speed wood shredder. This shredder reduces the wood to 200ml sections an over-band magnet removes all the steel. The wood now being reduced to 200ml is then fed into a high speed shredder which reduces it further to 50ml flecks. Another over-band magnet removes all the unwanted nails and screws.

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