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Suffolk Brick & Stone Cleaning Company Ltd

Suffolk Brick & Stone Cleaning Company Ltd

Dickens House, Old Stowmarket Road, Woolpit, Bury st Edmunds, IP30 9QS, United Kingdom

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Tel 01359 242650  -  Fax 01359 241211

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About Suffolk Brick & Stone Cleaning Company Ltd


Low pressure calcium carbonate vortex action.
Used for cleaning brick/stonework and other fabrics e.g. wood beams to remove carbon pollution build-up etc.


Pressurised steam to remove paint, oil, grease, which is a non aggressive method that does not erode the surface underneath.


Traditional lime mortars
Most historic, Victorian or earlier buildings will have been built with lime mortar which makes the pointing softer and more porous than the cement based mortars.

One of the unsightly images of modern day public areas, is chewing gum – messy, unsightly and ruins pathways, the public’s clothing and footwear and encourages more litter to be thrown down. By using DOFF System, we can clean up these areas and discourage others from re littering, making public walkways and areas pleasant to frequent.

Soft Clean Blast System can be used to clean old oak and Green oak beams to remove staining, saw marks, paint, lime wash and tanning. For delicate historic beams then a Poultice system can be used to draw out the dirt and a chemical strip poultice to remove paint without the need for blasting.

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