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Air Purification Systems for the Home & Office - from

Air Purification Systems for the Home & Office - from

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About Air Purification Systems for the Home & Office - from

"Simply cleaning the air in your home brings huge benefits to your health and well-being"...

Breathing clean air makes you feel better, more active and more alive, and if you suffer from allergies it can make a dramatic difference to your quality of life. is a specialist in Air Purification Systems for the home and office.

Harnessing the inherent purification properties of water and the natural anti-bacterial qualities of essential oils the Goodsphere, PureAire and Boles d'olor air purifiers literally wash the air clean.

Its a simple and efficient technology that neutralises and permanently removes unpleasant odours like cooking smells, pet smells and dander, tobacco smoke and musty odours whilst releasing into the air beautifully fragranced essences that improve your well-being and mood to create a welcoming ambience to work, play or sleep.

Did You Know...
Every minute, we breathe an average of 15 times - that's 24,000 times a day.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where the simple act of breathing can put us in harms way, not only from dirt and pollution but also from insidious things such as bacteria and viruses.

Who Is At Risk?...
With people now spending at least 90% of their time indoors this poses a greater health risk. We become very susceptible to effects of indoor air pollutants when exposed for the longest periods of time. This affects everybody, and people that are young, elderly or chronically ill - especially ones suffering from asthmatic, respiratory or cardiovascular disease - are particularly susceptible.

The Benefits...
Our Air Purifiers work to
- Refresh and purify the air
- Eliminate germs
- Eliminate fungi, mould and mildew
- Remove odours including cooking, pet and tobacco smoke smells
- With no harmful effects
- Very easy to use

How It Works...
Operating with normal tap water, and a few drops of your favourite fragrance from the essence range, the system is capable of eliminating suspended particles in the air such as bacteria, viruses and germs, smoke and dust particles.

Utilising the purifying action of water and the anti-microbial and malodour removal qualities of the essential oil based essences the system creates a beautifully fragranced environment whilst it cleans.

The air is also humidified, as moisture lost due to central heating and cooling systems is replaced.

As soon as you start using one of the Goodsphere, PureAire or Antibac2K systems you will start to notice an improvement in the quality of your air.

Energy Efficient...
All of the systems have been created to provide a cleaner, healthier environment, so equally the process has been designed to be incredibly energy efficient - using less electricity than a light bulb.

Wide Range of Essences...
All of our essences available for use with the air purifiers are made with natural botanical extracts and are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable.

Each of the essences is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which means once the fragrance is released into the air it actively combats any pollutants to further clean the air.

You can enjoy a wide range of fragrances to use in the Goodsphere, PureAire and Antibac2K machines including classic aromas such as: Lavender; Sandalwood; Rose; Lemon; Eucalyptus and Apple. Florals including: Lotus and Jasmine and more delicate fragrances such as Tioman and Morning Dew, plus many others.

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps are the ultimate product to refresh the home!

- Eliminate odours, including those from tobacco, cooking and pets
- Purify the air in your home
- Gently perfume the air to create the atmosphere you desire

Representing quality, luxury and above all style the stunning hand-crafted ornamental fragrance lamps utilise a century-old catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odour-causing molecules to actively purify the air.

In addition the fragrance contained within the fragrance lamp is emitted to provide a gentle fragrance to the room.

Fragrance Lamps efficiently diffuse the aroma, spreading it evenly and quickly around the room. They are suitable for use in all areas of the home such as lounge, hall and bedrooms, and are especially good in the kitchen to rid those cooking smells, and are safe to use in the bathroom.

Every lamp comes presented in a elegant gift box, making them ideal for presents.

The experts at Ashleigh and Burwood have created a beautiful range of fragrance lamps and fragrance lamp oils for you to enjoy in your home and office.

The Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps are sometime also known as Catalytic Lamps, Diffusion Lamps and Effusion Lamps.

The Intelligence Behind the Beauty...
The secret of the fragrance lamp lies inits unique catalytic stone. Once the stone is heated a catalytic combustion process begins, attracting air to flow over the contours of the stone and destroy any pollutants that may be present. Whilst this process is taking place the lamp simultaneously draws up the fragrance through the stone and releases it into the air. Simple, yet stunningly effective.

Fragrances and Refreshes Your Home...
Not only will an Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Lamp infuse the air you breathe with the blissful scent of your choice, it will also purify your surroundings and banish unwanted odours. Independent laboratory tests report that the Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Lamp is proven to clean the air of up to 99% of bacteria, dust mites and odour particles.

Full Fragrance Lamp Range Available from
We are authorised stockists for the Ashleigh & Burwood range and stock the entire range of 60+ fragrance lamp oils and fragrance lamps, including hand blown glass, mosaic, natural elements collection and limited editions.

Amora harnesses cutting edge technology to bring you the most modern way to stimulate both mind and senses, creating an evocative, relaxing ambience in your home.

Amora Scent Hubs, which are also called Ultrasonic Diffusers, turn water into a fine mist acting as a humidifier and ioniser. Add just a few drops of your favourite Amora essential oil into the water and an Amora Scent Hub becomes an aroma diffuser. The addition of the ambient mood lighting in the Amora Scent Hub creates a spa-like experience in your own home.

The refined and contemporary collection of Scent Hubs will provide all the functions you need in a design that suits your individual taste and style.

View all the products with full details on our website: where everything is available to purchase online.

You can also view the range and purchase from our in store display at The Gift Shop Oulton Broad, which can be found at 119 Bridge Road, Oulton Broad, Suffolk, NR33 9JU.


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