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RSPCA Ipswich

RSPCA Ipswich

1-3 Tacket Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AU, United Kingdom

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About RSPCA Ipswich

If you are considering giving a home to one of our animals, there are some important facts you should be aware of.

Rescued animals will have suffered a trauma of some sort, perhaps their owner has passed away, maybe there has been a relationship break up, or a member of the family has developed an allergy. Sadly, animals still come into our care because they have been inadequately cared for, or even cruelly treated. Whatever the reason, the animal finds itself homeless, it has no idea what it could possibly have done to be in this situation. It is unhappy, disorientated and feels rejected. However, it is amazing how well these animals recover with love and understanding, even those who have been ill-treated will respond to kind, patient and reliable humans.

So, the VERY LAST thing we want is to home a rescue animal and then find it is rejected again. Therefore we have policies which have been developed to try to safeguard against this happening, some of these are listed below. It is very important to think carefully about the implications of taking on an animal. If you do give a home to an animal in need, the rewards are well worth any little hurdles you may have to cross!

Animals are only re-homed on completion of a satisfactory home visit. The home visitor is not there to look for dust, but things like adequate fencing and suitable gardens (for dogs) and to make sure you do not live next to a really busy road (for cats) and suitable accommodation that is large enough and allows natural behaviour (for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals).

We do not home animals to non permanent residents of the UK. If the new owners leave the country, the animal is homeless again.
Extra care is taken when homing to people with small children to ensure that the animal is the right one for the family. A boisterous dog might jump up and knock over a small child, or a cat could accidentally scratch and hurt. Many of our dogs come in with no history and sometimes due to this, we are not able to home them to families with young children.
Dogs and kittens are only re-homed where there is someone at home during the greater part of the day.
Dogs and young animals can easily get lonely, bored, and anxious and may become destructive if left for long periods of time.
We neuter all dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets that we adopt out but if the animal is too young you will be issued with a voucher to get the animal neutered when it is old enough. This is RSPCA policy; there are already far too many unwanted animals already!

The Adoption Donation
There is an Adoption Donation which varies with the type of animal being adopted.
The Donations are as follows:
Dog adoption donation: £150
Cat adoption donation: £60
(For dogs and cats this fee includes: neutering, micro chipping, vaccinations, worming, flea treatment and a health check)

Ferret adoption donation: £25
Rabbit adoption donation: £25
Guinea pigs: £20
Hamster: £5
Chinchilla: £20
Small birds: £5

Naturally, once adopted, new owners would be expected to accept all financial and other responsibilities
And...finally, we carry out a Post Adoption Home Visit for as many animals as possible (within a few months of adoption) to ensure that everything is going well, and we get to see the animal enjoying life in its new home which is great.

RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich

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